Welcome to Sandpoint

Goblins trapped in a closet...

The group has a celebratory feast with Aldern Foxglove after the successful boar hunt, who then departs back for Magnimar. He offers his hospitality should we ever find ourselves there.

Donovan checks in with Jubrayl Vhiski, the local crime boss to pay his respects, and to see if he knew anything about the previous priest, or of a secret way the goblins could have entered the city. He claimed to have little knowledge of the priest, and little interest in religion. He also claimed that there were no tunnels or the like coming into the city, and that he would be in a position to know.

That evening, while relaxing in the tavern, Donovan is approached by the Shaeless, the young daughter of Ven Vinder who claims to have problem with rats of unusual size at the general store owned by her father. Donovan agrees to help, unwisely alone. Bryn, suspicious, follows the pair at a distance. As it turns out, there were no rats, and Shaeless had plans of a more amorous sort. Donovan tries to distract her by crafting an illusion of a large rat, but luck was against him, and the Ven discovers the two in the basement. Angry as any father would be, he lashes out at Donovan, who barely escaped back to the Rusty Dragon Inn.

Not long after, a man enters the inn, calling out angrily in a language none of the group understands. Elahru rises to meet him, sensing trouble for Ameiko, who has been kind to us all. The man speaks in common and speaks disdainfully of our efforts to assist the town, insisting that things would have been better for the town if we had left the matters of security and defense to the watch. Tensions rise, but before things get too out of hand, Ameiko appears and has harsh words with the man, and cracks him across the head with a ladle of stew. The man fumes, and leaves. Some of the patrons inform the group that the man was Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu, and that strife between the two is common, as he disapproves of her past as an adventurer.

Later that evening, there is more excitement as a woman with two children in tow comes into the inn looking for the help of heroes. Her child had been complaining about monsters in his room, which she and her husband dismissed as silliness, until that night when they discovered the youngest covered in bites of some sort after a prolonged fit of crying.

The group rushes to the house to find the mutilated body of the dog and father in the child’s room. The man was half lodged in a hole through the floor by the closet, and upon pulling his body out, two crazed goblins leapt out and attacked. With the goblins defeated, an investigation revealed that they had been hiding under the floor, presumably since the goblin attack on the town.

The sheriff introduced the group to the Kendra Deverin, the mayor of Sandpoint, and Shalelu Andosana, and elven warrior who has knowledge of the local goblin tribes, which she shared. The sheriff informally deputizes Bergen to take charge in the extremely unlikely event that another crisis befalls the town while he is away.

The next day, in the morning, Bethana comes to you when she discovered that Am was not there in the morning.


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