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Skeletons, Boars, and Vine Blights, Oh My!

As the group wound down and enjoyed the tasty repast offered at the Rusty Dragon Inn, they were joined by Aldern who offered that they should go boar hunting with him on the morrow. The group agrees, and spends a well-deserved night resting.

In the morning, Sheriff Belor Hemlock stops by the Rusty Dragon Inn to see if the “heroes” would be willing to assist him with investigating a disturbance in the graveyard. Worried that the cemetery might have been the point of entry for the goblins, the party investigates. There are plenty of goblin tracks milling about the cemetery, however the open tomb seems undisturbed by goblinoids.

The sherrif led the way and was immediately paralyzed by some sort of curse, leaving the rest of us to fight the three skeletal guardians. Once dispatched, it was noted that the previous occupant of the tomb, the body of the previous priest (who had died in a fire in the cathedral) was not there. There was, however, a left over magical robe of useful patches, but it was all out of patches. It did once have 3 skeleton patches, so that would seem to be where the skeletons came from.

After putting the dead back to rest, and talking to the current priest, the group rounded up, and after gift of horses from Aldern, we all went boar hunting in the Tickwood Forest. The boar was defeated by Bryn’s crazy Witchbolt magic, adding one other party member to Aldern’s roll of unhealthy fascination.

Right after the boar confrontation, we were attacked by two Vine Blights, now deceased, which we suppose had been chasing, or at least scaring, the board toward us.

And that’s where we left it…


crleonhard ScottMcG

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