Donovan Zineya

A Varisian Bard Wandering the shores of the Varisian Gulf


Male, Varisian, 5’11, with green eyes, and dark brown hair.


Donovan is a typically mobile young Varisian. As a child he was trained to carry on the bardic tradition, gravitating more toward the epic oral histories. As he grew older he developed a obsessive interest in arcane mysteries, as well as ribald jokes.

During his his young adult years, he had run-ins with the Sczarni, but avoided being press-ganged into their service. While he eventually turned to larceny to support his burgeoning interest in obscure arcane lore, he has been careful to not build too many ties or obligations to criminal organizations. He might be willing to fence some arcana related material, or assist with a burglary if there were something specific in it for him. His knack for disabling traps and finding secret doors earned him the nickname “Mr. Cinch” among his erstwhile coworkers in RiddlePort and Magnimar. Donovan knows the local crime boss in Sandpoint, Jubrayl Vhiski.

He has also spent time in Magnimar, but has now settled down briefly in Sandpoint to check out Cyrdak Drokkus’ Sandpoint Theater.

Like many Varisians, Donovan bears a birth tattoo, which over the years has developed into a representation of a constellation not seen in Varisia for generations.

Donovan Zineya

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