As a homeless, orphaned teenager, Bryn wandered city streets, stole to eat, stole to help others and sometimes stole to get enough money to get to the next city.

During one of these trips between cities, Bryn took refuge in an abandoned monastery. No one remembers the origin of the monastery or how it was destroyed, although rumors abound. Some say it was destroyed by a dragon, or some arcane magical experiment gone awry. Others insist the monastery was built as part of a prison for a demon. Most believe simple fire and poor construction, but that doesn’t explain the stones which appear to have melted edges.

While foraging through the overgrown stones, Bryn awoke above ground believing the fall to be a dream. The fissure had disappeared. However, there was no dismissing the glowing crystal now imbedded in the palm of his hand or the arcane tattoos that now decorated his back and arms. Nor was there any denying his new talent for manipulating mystical forces, sometimes with surprising results.

Since that day, Bryn has been haunted by visions with no context and an almost daily feeling of an old deity whose followers have long since passed. Bryn took up residence in and around the monastery and, for years, spent most of his time trying to learn it’s secrets, mostly, to no avail.
After years of failing to make any headway into his investigation, Bryn discovered that the runes tattooed on his skin may originate from ancient Varisia area and he has decided to go to that area to use his powers to help others or stop evil in the hope that somewhere, somehow, he might get some answers to his own powers.


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