Curley Karver


Curley “Iron Chest” Karver is taking an indefinite sabbatical from his duties as Bosn’s Mate aboard The Mistress Wail, after ignorant allegations concerning his part in supposed conspiratorial talks and insurections, leading to a most inevitable and rightful reorganization of command.

The now and proper crew is taking a period of respectful remembrance for their former, unprincipled and bedraggled leader, Butler “No Cash” Stash, who took away like the dark coward he is.

Anyone wishing to contact Curley or his former crewmates can leave word with any of the following manky skivers /especially concerning Cap’n Butler’s present whereabouts/ ..

Hedley “The Proper” Proverb
Cyd “Big Blunder” Burbridge
Creighen Falsely

.. or listen up for Curley’s pibgorn tunes at yer local brewery.

Curley Karver

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