Welcome to Sandpoint

Filial Piety

The group is approached by Bethana, a maid at the Rusty Dragon Inn with concerns that Ameiko did not show up to prepare breakfast. She shares a crumpled-up note, written in a foreig language, she found in Ameiko’s bedroom.

Bethana, having received some tutelage from Ameiko in the language, was able to translate some of it. It appeared to be a note from Ameiko’s brother Tsuto indicating that their father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu was complicit in the goblin attacks. He proposed that Ameiko should meet him at their father’s glassworks.

That morning the group traveled to the glassworks, which seemed to be uncharacteristically closed. After a few false starts with more delicate methods, the locked door at the rear of the glassworks fell to brute force.

Within the glassworks had been wrecked and the bodies of several people were strewn about. Suddenly, crazed goblins attacked from the shadows! After defeating them, the group delved into the basement where they were confronted by a somewhat tipsy Tsuto.

Etchoche chased Tsuto down a series of dark passageways in the basement, and ultimately confronted him alone. It proved to be Etchoche’s ultimate confrontation, and he was slain by Tsuto. Once the group caught up, they could see that Tsuto had fled through a secret passage, but it proved to be too difficult of a puzzle to open.

Ameiko was bound in a locked room in the basement, and once freed she described how Tsuto had tried to recruit her into his mad scheme of destroying Sandpoint. She was in a great hurry to warn her father. Unfortunately, we found her f under a slag of molten glass in his own glassworks.

Donovan came across Tsuto’s diary in a makeshift bedroom in the basement, and in this diary he reveals of the conspiracy of the goblins to destroy Sandpoint. More surprising was the revelation that Nuallia, the daughter of Sandpoint’s previous priest, had not died in the fire as everyone thought, and she was the mastermind behind the attacks.

Speaking with the mayor, we was able to tell us that Nuallia was an Aasimar orphan whose parents were unknown. Tsuto’s journal highlights his infatuation with her, and her desire to erase the “celestial taint” of her mother. The initial goblin attack was a cover so she could steal the remains of her adoptive father, Ezakian Tobyn, which she then burnt in some sort of dark ritual.

She apparently has plans to sacrifice Sandpoint in a giant pyre for some insidious purpose.

Nuallia and her father supposedly died in the fire about one month after Jarvis “Chopper” Stute was killed in his evil lair on what is now known as “Chopper’s Isle.”


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