Welcome to Sandpoint

Tunnels of RAGE!

Further exploration of the tunnels beneath the glassworks led to hostile encounters with creatures heretofore unknown by us whose bite inflicted a rage upon the victim.

A statue of a beautiful woman, whose face was contorted with rage, held a valuable looking ranseur which could be separated from the statue. We liberated the ranseur.

Then we encountered a horrific create, known as a varguille, which appears as a flying head with wings.

The party encountered an enraged, mutated goblin with three arms, who announced itself as Koruvus, who we had earlier learned was one of the heroes of the Goblin Tribes of the Sandpoint Region. There had been no mention of a third arm, and the magic sword he was known for was not present. In pits below the room were zombies.

Finally we came across a room with no gravity and crackling black lightning. From the room, Curley extracted a wand (wand of shocking grasp), a scroll of burning hands, a tattered book ( a prayerbook dedicated to Lamashtu, the mother of monsters), a bottle of wine (a local varisian wine), and the body of a raven with its accompaniment of maggots.

From the prayerbook of Lamashtu we learned that the varguille is a foul creature from the abyss, and with its kiss transforms creatures into more of its own kind.


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